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Bold Coast Properties is operated and staffed by natives and residents of Jonesport who know the area extremely well. Specializing in waterfront, water view, and island properties, their knowledge of local and state ordinances for building and improvements gives Bold Coast Properties an edge in the local real estate market for both buyers and sellers. In short: "We're LOCAL and AVAILABLE!"


Owner William "Billy" Milliken believes that by providing timely, accurate, and complete information to prospective buyers and property owners, both parties in a real estate transaction can make informed decisions. Billy works diligently to stay tuned with current and proposed zoning and land use laws and is a specialist in shoreland zoning laws. Billy believes that being a good and objective listener is necessary for providing the service that will meet the goals of both the buyer and the seller. Billy believes that his firm has a responsibility to the community to convey to newcomers what they can expect, good and bad, to help them determine whether or not this community is the right choice for them.


William T. and Carolyn A. Keegan founded Jonesport Realty in the mid 1960's. The original office was in the rear of the family home on Main Street. Having worked with his grandfather since 1988, Keegan's grandson, Billy Milliken took over the business in 1998.

In 2005, Milliken renovated the old D.O. Hall store and relocated the business to it's current location.

Bold Coast Properties is a "daughter" company of Jonesport Realty that services the greater Jonesport / Beals area of coastal Washington County, with real estate listings reaching from Mount Desert Island in the west, to Calais in the east.

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