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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Shayna is hardworking, knowledgeable, and very conscientious. Ours turned out to be a fast moving sale and she stayed ahead of the action and kept us well informed. We sent her the keys; the day after she received the keys she had already been to the house, taken photos and gotten the listing up online. There was an immediate response to her listing. Within 3 days we had a handful of offers at or above the asking price and settled on one offer to accept. A P&S agreement within 3 days. A problem came up with the title search that needed a personal touch; Shayna spoke with long time neighbors and went to the town hall to find an obscure document that solved the title search problem. The title research ought to have been done by the title company but Shayna dived in to get the job done and smooth the way for a timely closing. I strongly recommend her. We had chosen Shayna to be our agent on the strong recommendation of friends who also sold their house through her. Also had terrific service from her. - The Merritts

Shayna is fantastic!! She goes above and beyond to make sure things go smoothly!!! I couldn't have asked for a better realtor to help us buy our first home!! 100% Recommend!! - Jessica

Shayna is exceptionally hard-working, trustworthy, patient and provided great advice to me as I worked through the sale of two properties. I would not hesitate to enlist her help again if purchasing or selling. - James

Shayna was available 24/7. My texts and email were answered immediately. Shayna extensive knowledge of the Downeast area was helpful in selling my two older homes...with many flaws. Shayna guides her buyers with information on local builders, service and repair people. This very rural area is sometimes a hard sell. Shayna will get it done! She is always professional and friendly without a sugar coating! She tells it like it is.. so there were never surprises. I highly recommend! - Wanda

Shayna was a delight to work with- she persevered through a very challenging seller situation. I am immensely grateful for her expertise, calm and collaborative abilities. She also connected me with folks in the community whom have taken care of most of my move in needs at this time!!! I would buy 8 houses with her if I could! She made my Lubec dream come true ?? - Jess

We had the opportunity to work with Shayna on the purchase of our new property in Lubec. We connected with her somewhat by chance and are so happy we did. She was acting as a seller's agent for a property in which we were very interested. We were immediately impressed with her honesty, her knowledge of the property and the area. Above all we loved that there was no sense of any hidden agenda or any "pushing" to make a deal happen. In the end the first property did not work out but Shayna was immediately responsive and called us to tell us about a brand new property that hadn't officially hit the market yet. Amazing! We ended up making the purchase and are so very happy to be in Lubec. The best real estate agents are one part local guide, one part mediator and one part project manager. Shayna excelled at all of these roles. As for a the local guide role: she took the time to understand and listen to our goals and needs, she internalized these and she didn't waste our time with things that she knew were outside our interests. As for mediator she worked with both ourselves as buyer and sellers in a way that engendered trust and balance in negotiations. We are not "winner take all" type people. We know that the best deals are about finding compromise and Shayna held this role beautifully in a balanced way that made us feel like she was on our side, on the side of the seller AND most importantly on the side of helping facilitate our deal. This was outstanding. As a project manger Shana always answered our many questions clearly and thoroughly, she facilitated and directed us to the many resources and partners that we needed to make a successful real estate transaction happen. She was able to hold all the details and still maintain the big picture view. I am a construction professional and have had the opportunity to work with many real estate agents over 30 years of work and Shanya ranks among the top agents I have had the pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her and will certainly seek her out for any future collaboration. - Mark

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