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Beals, Maine

Beals Island MaineWelcome to the enchanting town of Beals, Maine. Tucked away on the spectacular coastline of Down East Maine, Beals offers a lifestyle that's as captivating as its natural beauty.

Why Live in Beals, Maine?

Beals is more than just a geographical location—it's a community, a way of life, an adventure. With its roots dating back to 1925, it carries a rich historical legacy that seamlessly blends with modern comforts.

This charming waterfront town with around 500 residents offers far more than meets the eye. Here, you can awaken to the soothing sounds of waves gently lapping against the shore, bask in the glow of breathtaking sunrises, and immerse yourself in the pristine splendor of nature.

Living in Beals means being part of a warm, close knit community, having access to excellent schools, and enjoying nearby amenities necessary for a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. This town is an ideal match for those seeking a peaceful haven without compromising on the conveniences of contemporary living. Located on a scenic island in DownEast Maine across from Jonesport, residents in Beals have easy access to everything they need.

Outdoor Recreation

For outdoor enthusiasts, Beals presents a plethora of opportunities. This unique island paradise allows for a variety of water sports, including kayaking, sailing, and fishing. The nearby trails offer stunning views and are perfect for hiking, bird watching, and biking.

Beals Maine Real Estate

At Bold Coast Properties, we specialize in waterfront properties, leveraging our deep local knowledge and expert guidance to help you navigate the Beals real estate market. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and finding a home that fits your lifestyle. Ready to make Beals your home? Contact us today to begin your journey.

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